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At David Gerald Sportscars we pride ourselves on always giving the customer as much information as possible regarding any potential issues relating to the condition and road worthiness of their vehicle.

More information means informed choices and best value for our customers.

We are always pleased to spend time discussing and costing work requirements with customers and wherever possible will give fixed prices prior to commencing any works; no job is too big or too small.

We offer TVR tailored fixed prices for 6 and 12k services as well as a Low mileage ‘any model’ service.

Sports cars are our business, we will be pleased to assist whenever we can with any vehicle or need.

Service Prices

We will be happy to quote complete service prices on specific vehicles. Please ring with your requirements.

When comparing service prices it is important to establish like for like comparisons to fully understand where the value is. We always use the best quality engine oils from Mobile 1. We always use approved TVR parts where possible. We include the time taken to actually adjust suspension geometry not just a check.

On 12000 mile services we include the time to actually make adjustments to valve clearances/throttle body adjustments; the only 'extras' will be the cost of any shims used.
6000 Mile Lubrication Service (all prices are inclusive of parts, Labour, and VaT)
  • 'M' & Pre 'M' £292.00
  • Tasmin / 350 / 390 / 400 £429.00
  • 'S' Series cars £345.00
  • Griffith / Chimaera £440.00
  • 'Tuscan/Cerbera £456.00
  • Tamora/T350 £456.00
  • Sagaris £456.00
12,000/Annual Service (all prices are inclusive of parts, Labour, Valve Clearances as Appropriate and VaT)
  • 'M' & Pre 'M' £345.00
  • Tasmin / 350 / 390 / 400 £567.00
  • 'S' Series cars £424.00
  • Griffith / Chimaera £660.00
  • 'Tuscan/Cerbera £1018.00
  • Tamora/T350 £779.00
  • Sagaris £779.00
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MOT test £45.00

Low mileage service

Infrequent use of your TVR can result in extended periods between your standard service intervals.

However, we would advise that your car has a thorough check-over at regular intervals even though it may only be part way towards the recognised service point or sat for long periods of time.

To help avoid unnecessary costs, DG Sportscars is pleased to offer a special Low Mileage service for all TVR’s consisting of:

Engine Oil & Filter, Check/Top up Gear Box & Diff oil, Inspect and report on Steering, Brakes (Inc pipes & cables), Electrics, Chassis, Tracking & Emissions and ECU Diagnostic (where necessary).

This package is available for a fixed price of £240 inc VAT and can be done while you wait when booked in on a pre-arranged basis.