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RMA track day Nurbugring


On a clear crisp November morning the doors opened and F4BEO drove quietly out to start a 1000 mile trip to Germany and back. Destination the Nurbugring to participate on an RMA track day, this event is one of the few opportunities that enables ‘continuous lapping’ of the circuit enabling drivers to experience the full potential of their vehicles on the 3.5 Km main straight.

First stop was to be the Eurotunnel at 12.20pm local time. Negotiating poor traffic conditions on the UK motorway network the car performed faultlessly despite being involved in a 40 minute queue and arrived in Folkestone in good time.

 The crossing time is approx 40 minutes and saw us drive onto French soil at 14.00 hrs (French time). Once onto the European motorways a high average speed could be maintained and the 350 miles to our hotel in Nurburg village was completed in 4 Hrs. The weather in November at ‘The Ring’ can be mixed but we woke up to a clear crisp day and looked forward to some good driving. The event was for two consecutive days and during that time we completed some 26 laps of the 14.7 mile circuit without problem. 

The return journey to Inkberrow was uneventful and we were pleasantly surprised at the cars economy, it having returned 32 MPG on average for the road mileage.

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