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Workshop Open Day and Spring Run


2014 will see the return of the CWR/DG Workshop open day on March 29th with plenty of interesting cars and upgrades to look over not to mention the pair of CWR/DG racing Chimaera’s.

Other cars on show will be an ex-Al Unser/Mario Andretti 1977 IROC Camaro that has been restored by CWR and will be run by us this year. There will also be a 1969 Vixen that CWR/DG shoe horned a 5.0ltr TVR engine into to create the last word in understated Q car motoring! For a sample look here

This year there will be an added event in the form of a run out, with directions to a destination for lunch with a prize of a track day drive in the CWR racing Chimaera and a pair of tickets for each round of the 2014 Dunlop TVR European Challenge for the winner of a quiz en-route!


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